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Monday, April 18, 2011

Seth-5 months

My sweet Baby Boy is 5 months old already.

*weight-16 pounds at his 4 month check-up
*wears size 6 mos or 6-12 mos clothes, size 2 diapers
*Nurses 5 times a day He still prefers to nurse but he has taken a few bottles when I have had appointments! (He tried to nurse the monkey in the picture below-ha!)

*Sleeps ALL night in his Bed and naps several times a day
*Still spits up but he's happy and healthy, it may be improving-a little!
*He started eating a little cereal with a spoon this week, he likes it.
*He is starting to babble things that may sound like da-da,it's precious

*He smiles and laughs all the time, he is a very happy, laid back baby
*He reaches for things and holds onto them, he likes to play with toys this month and pull hair! Everything goes straight to his mouth!!
*He found his feet and loves to play with them!

*He holds his head up pretty well and has become a good hip baby
*He loves to be outside and we take walks when we can
*He still likes his bouncey seat, swing, play mat, and now his Bumbo seat and recently his exersaucer. He just rotates around in these things for short times when he's not sleeping, being fed, or held by me:)
*The girls love to play with him and make him laugh!! They are so sweet to him, Sophie and now Ella call him Bubba, Chubba Bubba or Bubby Chubby... (I think it's cute but I promised my Aunt that I would stop it eventually before Preschool or at least before it stuck!)
*We ALL love him so much and cannot imagine not having him in our family to love!!

I can't believe he is already 5 months old. Time please slow down this month! I am not ready for him to grow up and be 6 months old yet! I know it sounds crazy (even to Tadd)but if he keeps growing so fast I'm going to want another one...

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harris1013 said...

Chubby Cheeks, you are adorable!!!