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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Billy Ray

Strange title for a post I know... My sweet, second born, daughter and middle child decided to give herself a big time mullet hair cut this week!! She brought a stool into the kitchen, climbed onto it, opened a drawer finding a hidden pair of scissors in the back and just started cutting away, but only on the sides. (I was distracted by her baby brother at the time.) Anyway, after (many) tears, a small amount of raised voices, ok yelling, a small spanking, time out, and eventually laughter I was convinced by my Aunt and several others to post pictures because they reminded me that one day I will laugh at this even more. (Gabby even told me that Mom had cut her hair once when she was little too-must be the second daughter thing-ha!) Ok so here go the aweful pictures that I may threaten to put in her Senior slide show one day!!

Oh, the lovely front view-I didn't even bother trying to fix it before taking these-what was the point:)

And a side view, what a scary little mug shot!

Look at those guilty little eyes!!

The Salon where we all get our hair cut is closed on Mondays so we had to wait until Tuesday to get her in to fix the damage. In the mean time, Tadd, who thought it was all really funny started calling her "Billy Ray" (Cyrus) After a few times I started laughing too... My response was A little dramatic, I know, but this little girl was bald for almost two years and could never really wear hair bows!

Jessica who cut her hair, and made it as cute as she could, even said it was one of the worst little self cuts she had seen. (It was cut above her ears on both sides and very uneven, I'm not sure the pictures even do it justice.) She said it was a good thing that Sophie was so cute!!

Ella said that "she looks like a boy." Tadd and I agree that it is never a cut we would have given her, but it is growing on us (no pun intended).

This is one busy, strong willed, little girl lately-as you can tell by this look on her face! The scissors are now put up even higher and I can barely reach them now. I realize that it is JUST hair and it will grow back, eventually! She even put most of the hair she had cut in a plastic sandwich bag before I found her-saving it for her baby book I guess! It could have even been worse and this long post has even been a little therapeutic to write-ha!

We will be wearing lots of pink for a little while and hair bows!! We love you, Sophie Sue!!

We made more Easter cookies to help ride out one of the many storms this week! I'm glad we are all safe and healthy!! We are blessed!

Oh and Ella slammed her finger in the bathroom door at school last week and should be missing a fingernail any day now! I am starting to realize that things are going to stay busy and dramatic around here! We love our crazy life!


harris1013 said...

Glad you can laugh about it now! This will serve as a future lesson for me too. LOL! Sophie is adorable and love her hair!!!

Lindsay and Robert said...

Oh, EOOOOOOOOOO! So glad you took those pictures, even though I'm sure you were steaming mad. She's still cute as a button!! (Now excuse me while I go stash our scissors on a top shelf somewhere). Love you!!!