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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Warning: Don't let 2 year olds Drive

Well, we had a rather eventful night at the ballpark tonight. I was feeding Sophie in the front seat as I often do and Taylor and Ella were playing in the car (that was in park and turned off I might add). They eventually made their way to the drivers seat and were playing with the steering wheel. Ella accidently knocked the ignition into drive when the next thing I know we are rolling into the ditch in front of us only to be stopped by the truck parked nest to us and eventually my foot on the brake. It was a bit scary and could have been worse considering all 4 of us were out of our seat belts because the car wasn't supposed to be moving. A teammate ran to get Tadd from the ball field and after the game and the truck next to us was moved we were able to get pulled out of the ditch by Coach's Jeep and chain. Ella kept repeating "I don't want to drive anymore!" I have learned a lesson on safety and don't think she will be "driving" anymore for a long time!!

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