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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beach Bound

That's right we are at the Beach!! We're having a great time and our place is so nice and very kid friendly. Ella had so much fun today playing in the pool and making sand castles with her daddy. Sophie pretty much just eats and sleeps and loves to be outside. I'll update with lots of pictures all week for family that has requested to see lots of pics. We were pretty lazy today and didn't take very many but we have all week to catch up.

There is a rock walkway by one of the many pools with waterfalls running over it. Ella calls it the monster rock cave and loves to run through it-what an imagination!

Daddy posing with Sophie. She was so good today and just ate and slept a lot!

Sound asleep on her Mommy!

Ella playing on the shaded play area. She loves it and made lots of friends already!

Ella's favorite pool to play in.

She loves to pick flowers, they will be lucky if they have any left when we leave!

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