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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Church School

Ella had her first day at "Church school" today a.k.a. Mothers Day Out. She has a fill-in spot for now so she can get used to the setting before preschool starts in the Fall. This was the first time someone has watched her for the day and put her down for her nap other than my Mom and Tadd's Mom. Sounds crazy since she will be turning 3 next month. Her teacher called her an angel and said she did great and that she was very smart and well behaved. I was very happy to hear this since she isn't always an angel for me. Here are some cute pictures of her with her backpack before we left. It brought back many memories as most things do of my Mom taking our picture before each first day of school. Aunt Ginger says Mom put my hair in pigtails a lot when I was Ella's age so I continued the tradition. I think Mom would be proud and is smiling down on us now.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

She looks adorable! Love the pig tails! Everyone, including your mom, is so proud of you!