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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sophie turns 3

Three years ago today our sweet Sophie Sue entered our lives. This precious "Big Girl Baby" as she called herself today is something else! I have been going through old photos tonight and remembering lots of memories of our sweet and silly girl.

Newborn: Entered our lives at 1:55am weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces, and 18 and 3/4 inches long

One month old-her Easter picture in 2008

Beach picture-5 months old

Easter 2009-1 year old

Beach 2009-1 and 1/2 years old

Fall 2009

Christmas Card photo 2009

2 years old, telling friends and family she is going to be a "Big Sister"

Christmas time 2010

3 year old Birthday invitation picture

Sophie Sue:
* You are such a funny little girl and we love you so much!
* You love to eat and your favorites are turkey and cheetos.(A request from Santa for Christmas) You also love chocolate cake and want chocolate cupcakes for your Birthday party.
* You are a great Big Sister and love to help me with your baby brother. You call him "Bubba-Do" and love to try and make him smile and laugh.
* You are very good with electronics and your favorites are the ipad and our iphones. Watching Netflix on them is your latest new hobby. You have even rented movies that have been mailed to us without us knowing.
* You are also a good little sister and love to play with Ella and pester her.
* You love being in Gymnastics and hanging on the bars. Your weekly goal in class is to "listen to your teachers" so you can get a stamp and a piece of candy after class.
* You have been running around all day saying "I'm 3" and holding up 3 fingers. You called yourself my "Birthday Baby Big Girl" all day. We spent your Birthday all day together having lunch with friends and then went out to Copelands for a family Birthday dinner. You wanted to go there because of the Chocolate Cake we had there before and you call it the "Chocolate Face Place."
* You are very excited about your Birthday party this weekend and eating cheese pizza and playing. It's so hard for me to believe my baby girl is already 3, it goes by too fast, but you will always be my baby!!

1 comment:

harris1013 said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! I love all the pics especially 5 months. I could eat that pic.