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Friday, February 18, 2011

Seth-3 months

Our sweet boy is 3 months old today. He is growing too fast and this month seemed to fly by. We took his monthly picture today on his rocker next to his little sock monkey. I can never choose just one pose so here are several cute ones.

This month you are:
*Smiling and cooing a lot you have become more expressive. You are also laughing this week, especially when we tickle you, it's precious!
*You are a very sweet and happy baby.
*You are now sleeping ALL night in your bed in your room:) You have been doing this for several weeks now and we are loving it! (Although I do miss you being beside me in your bassinett-you were getting too big for it.)
*You nap several times a day, for now after every time you eat still. You will take naps about anywhere and take a long morning nap one hour after you wake up.
*You are still on a good Babywise schedule of feed, wake, sleep.
*You nurse every 3 hours during the daytime. It is typically around 8,11,2,5,8,11 for your feeding times and you have had 3 bottles now and took them well.
*Your Prevacid for reflux is helping but you still spit up a lot, but are no longer fussy or upset after you eat:)
*Wear size 3-6 month clothes
*Wear size 2 diapers (just now)
*Weigh close to 14 pounds now, not sure about height until your next Drs appt.
*You love your bouncey seat, swing, boppey pillow and bath time. You also like your play gym mat for a little while. You are starting to grab onto things and hold things.
*You move your arms and legs a lot and love to chew on your hands this month!
*You seem to love your big sisters (or tolerate them well). They love to play with you and try to make you laugh. (I wish I had taken monthly pictures and written all of this down with them!)

We love you so much!

He's ready for Summer too and starting to swim:) Look at those arms moving!

He has really started laughing more this week. He may have a big gut giggle like both his big sisters did, I love it! I will try to video it and post it later this week, it's so cute!!

He just loves to grin as he looks up at his daddy!


Lindsey Cobb said...

such a cutie! looks more and more like ella!

harris1013 said...

I could eat him up!!! I love him to pieces already...Our house is sick again. One day I will come get you lil bit!