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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


TWO long years ago today my Mom went to Heaven after a long battle with breast cancer, just six months later, my Dad joined her in Heaven. It's been a tough TWO years as many of you know. I have been full of ups and downs and many emotions. Thanks to God and all my friends and family, I have made it through these tough times. Along the way I have also had many blessings, I was 11 weeks pregnant with Sophie when I lost Mom and she was only 4 weeks old when I lost Dad. She was such a blessing and a good distraction during that difficult time. Also my sister, Julie and her husband, Chad, recently had my 3rd niece, Baby Brilee. That would be TWO baby girls to add to the group in less than TWO years!

We have also been blessed with TWO precious girls. We love them more and more everyday! They are growing up so fast and we are having so much fun with them this week at the Beach. Ella is swimming so well this summer and Sophie keeps us busy and laughing. Tonight she walked into the pool with her dress on and started playing in the fountains. Ella then chased her around the play area with her crab net. They are so cute and sweet together. We feel so blessed to have them happy and healthy.

We have TWO more great days to enjoy at the Beach! It has been a good distraction for me today because it's hard to cry all day at the Beach! Here are some of the pictures of our fun trip!


Lindsay and Robert said...

Yea for fun memories at the beach! I hope there haven't been too many tropical storms in your area. I know the girls are having a blast, and Sophie is probably wearing you out jumping off the side of the pool - that girl is fearless! Love you and can't wait to catch up when you get back.

Lora and Casey said...

Sweet sweet Farmer girls - I love seeing them growing up! Your parents are smiling down and probably remembering when you and Julie were the same age. I bet Julie was chasing you around with the crab net though! I love you guys!

harris1013 said...


Karlyn Jay said...

These beach pics are too cute! Glad yall had a good trip. Thanks for checking in w me.. Were hoping that this will be nothing, but you just never know. I loved the post about your "twos". I'll have my "two" come up in October... I'm glad that you had the beach for pleasant distraction and maybe a few moments of zen beachside to reflect and remember. Things are always easier to handle with the sound of breaking waves. :). Well, at least in my limited beach experience! Love ya!!