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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Girls in Gulf Shores

I went throuh more pictures of our girls trip to the Beach! Here are several more shots of our fun trip!

Ella now likes to take OUR pictures so here is her photography work.

Here is the Big water slide into the lazy river. It was fun and fast!

Sophie swimming

A shot inside our Condo, it was so nice!

Gabby came out to watch her 6 great grandaughters swim in the pools!

Gabby and Ella being sweet!.

Another picture taken by Ella!

Taylor feeding Sophie a snowcone in the Pool. They are silly together.

We took the girls to the track to ride Go-carts one night and they had a little track that they could drive alone-scary!

Sophie heading out to play in the sand.

This is how we felt about packing up and leaving!

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