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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lake Lovin'

We have really been loving the lake this Summer. This weekend we went with the Lanes and met up with the Coons and McGintys for some boating, tubing, and "seadooing." There were 5 kiddos minus baby Sally and they all had fun on the boat ride.

Say cheese! Ella, Lucy, Pax, Brooks and Sophie.

Getting some Daddy time before her nap on the boat.

Ella tubing with Lindsay a.k.a Lucy and Sally's mom.

Naptime on the Boat!

Smiling Sophie

Yes this is Brooks standing up on the tube, he is so cute and funny riding the tube and Ella is just laid back and enjoying the ride. We let them ride once without an adult, they wanted to so bad.

Sophie loves to put sunglasses on her face, no matter what size they are! She is currently wearing a pair she just dug out of my purse-again!

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