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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dance Camp

Ella has been going to a Dance Camp for the past two weeks for an hour each morning. She loved it and looked so cute out there dancing in her little outfits. It was so fun and funny to watch a class full of young girls just learning to dance. I was a little concerned when all she talked about the first week was that she wanted to just twirl around to dance. They had tap, ballet, and tumbling. They even had a mini recital on Friday night where parents and family were able to come watch the tap dance they had worked on all week. I didn't get a lot of good close up pictures but was able to get some shots. Sophie was busy as usual and loved to run around on the gym mats and play on the ballet bars with mirrors. It was a busy two weeks but I think Ella has chosen to take Dance class over gymnastics for next year. It's funny because that is what I chose when I was younger and even took Dance at the same place for several years.

Here is a shot of her entire little class sitting to the side watching the older girls dance. Look closely and you can see Coach and Gram in the back watching the Recital with Sophie.

Shots of Sophie playing on the mats.

Action shots

Picture poses at home.

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