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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cousin Christian

Christian turned 6 last week and had her Birthday Party at her house. It was suppossed to be outside with the girls blowup slide but it rained most of the night so they only played for a little bit before the lightning started. They all had fun though!

Sophie trying out her old Bumbo seat that she gave to Baby Brilee. Her thighs were too big then and they are really too big now-ha!

The Big Blowup Slide-it had so many kids on it that it now has a big tear that we hope to fix for the rest of the Summer!

In the middle of the party there was a great big rainbow. Mom and I both had a thing for rainbows and after she went to Heaven I was reading to Ella in her kids bible about a rainbow being a sign that God would keep his promise and return for us (paraphrase) Anyway during the party Ella said something about Meme's rainbow. Glad to know she is always with us! We miss her a lot at parties, they were her favorite along with all the cake. Happy Birthday Christian!

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