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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beach Bound

The girls and I are headed to the Beach for a big family girls trip in the morning. Gabby, Ginger, Missy, Abbey, Meredith, Julie, Taylor, Christian, Brilee, myself, Ella and Sophie. That's right 12 girls in two loaded down SUVs headed to the Beach. The age range is 7 weeks to 90 years old-wow! It should be quite the trip with lots of fun memories and lots of girl drama as well. Taking girl trips has been a long tradition in our family and we have taken MANY. We used to call it "The Sister Act" because it was Gabby and her sister, Aunt Gina, Mom, and her sister, Ginger, me and my sister, Julie. Since then 5 little girls have been added to the family just between Julie and I. (To say we are girl heavy in my family is an understatement-just ask Tadd.) We haven't taken a big trip in a while, especially without Mom. We will miss her a lot, as always, but will have fun making more memories together. I know she is looking down on us all and happy we are together. I will have plenty of pictures to post from the trip when we return!

Here are some cute snapshots of the Ella and Sophie last week.

1 comment:

karlyn, troy, & bryson said...

Oh Elizabeth I hope you have a great time!! That's a lot of estrogen in 2 SUVs!!!! I know you will be missing your will everyone that's with you! I hope yall have so much fun! The new pics are super cute.. Ella is getting to be a little lady! She's absolutely beautiful! :) Karlyn