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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sophie's Summer

Sophie's Summer pictures from my iphone! Several of these pictures have funny stories to them from our funny child who keeps us laughing!!

The Spring started with Sophie giving herself the mullet haircut. Here is a shot of her posing for a picture when I was trying to learn how to fix her hair when it was SO short!

This was a picture from our family Beach trip in May. We were not even out of Benton yet and Sophie had her life jacket on and was READY to go swimming. She rode most of the way there with her life jacket on or close by:)

This shot was from the Beach trip too where she helped me finish off my Snickers apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory-yumm!!

Fell asleep on her Daddy after swimming at the Beach and shopping-she had literally fallen asleep on his lap in the middle of Dinner and never woke back up!

Bed Head! When she goes through my pictures on my phone (almost daily) she asks me "Why is Sophie mad?" when she looks at this one-it's funny!

We have had a lot of watermelon this Summer!

This is how she insisted on going up to the pool one day this Summer-in last years cover up and rain boots. There were a few laughs at the pool on this day and my response was "I have to pick my battles with her-and this one was not worth fighting!

A trip to the Library to start the Summer Reading Program-she loved getting to do this like her big sister! She is so excited about starting 3 year old Preschool this year!!

Trying to go off the diving board at Longhills-she didn't quite make it off but she tried several times!

Fast asleep-I love my sleeping babies!

This pic was from the long drive home from the Girls Beach trip in July. She would get mad and cover up with a Beach hat so we couldn't see her (what is it about kids that think we cant see or hear them when they hide there eyes-too funny!) She rode home for about an hour with her head and faced covered with the hat!

This picture is SO Sophie- most mornings she comes in my room after she wakes up FULLY dressed! She thought that she needed knee socks on, this little girl has quite the personality!
I love that I have a camera phone and can capture all of these funny memories with our silly little girl-there are many more not included too!

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