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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ella Summer

Here are some pictures of Ella that I took with my iphone this Summer. In the Spring I finally upgraded to an iphone with a working camera. So I've been using that camera a lot more since I always have it with me.

Outlet shopping during our May Beach trip. She loves to shop with me (when we actually get a chance to go) this already scares Tadd!

The Bird on her shoulder at the beach:)

Jumping off the board at Longhills

A trip to the Library for the Summer reading Program

Back to the Beach with the Big Blue slide that she loved!

Being buried in the sand like a Mermaid on the Girls Beach Trip

Summer short haircut (with her Birthday feathers still in her hair!)

Posing for pics

Such a little poser

Another big event for Ella this Summer was losing her first tooth! It was really exciting for her and the tooth fairy came and brought her $3, she is such a big girl now:)

Ella went to Super Kids at Church on Thursdays 5 times this Summer and had fun doing fun activities with kids her age. (Her friend Brooks rode with us one day.)

School supply shopping with me at Target! I gave in and let her get a Justin Beiber folder since I made her get the cuter back pack instead of a Justin Beiber one. She is all set for school and I can't believe she will be in 1st grade soon!! I text Tadd this pic and told him she is a first grader going on 16 and that we were in trouble-ha! She also picked out a lot of purple things with sparkles, which I know my Mom is up in Heaven laughing about-she always told me those were my favorites! Ella seems to be my mini-me at times. I have loved having her home with us all Summer and I'm not ready for her to go back to school yet:( or the early mornings!!

If anyone is still reading this and knows how to upload iphone pics to a blog please let me know! I had to email them all to me individually to put them on the blog-ha!

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Lindsey Kindy said...

Get the app Blogpress. That's what I use to blog from my phone with. Its much easier!