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Monday, July 11, 2011

Girls in Gulf Shores

We had our yearly Girls Beach Trip last week! It was a busy, fun trip with 3 adults and 9 kids. All of us who went were the girls in the family, except for Seth. We had a great time but unfortunately Gabby and Ginger were unable to make it because Gabby hasn't been feeling well:( They insisted that we go and have a good time, even without them. We sure wish they could have gone, the 2 of them and my Mom would have really completed the fun trip, they were all very missed!

Gabby's grandchildren and great-grandchildren

My 3 Beach Babies

The girls had such a good time playing in the waves, building sand castles, and in the pools! Sophie is already swimming like a fish. They also had a lazy river and a big blue curvy water slide that they had a blast on!! We ate some good food out a few nights but the kid to adult ratio kept us in the Condo a few more nights!

Seth did good too and had fun sitting up in the sand and in the zero-entry pool splashing and playing in the water. He only had one head dive into the sand:(

These were my ONLY good pictures from the whole trip. My camera lens broke and it would never focus and take the pictures. My cousin should be emailing me some from her camera so we will see if there are any good ones from hers. I also didn't get the chance to take as many pictures as usual because Tadd wasn't with us for this trip and I was a little busy taking care of the kids to be the photographer-ha!

1 comment:

The Keylors said...

Hi sweet girl- I couldn't find an e-mail for you, so I am just going to leave you a comment here.

Thank you so much for your sweet words, prayers, and offers to be there for me. I appreciate you offering to open yourself up in that way. I love you (and miss you).