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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cinderella, Cinderella

Last Sunday Gram and I took the kids to see our little local play, Cinderella. Gabby saw an article in the Democrat about the play and sent it to me to let me know about it-she thought the girls would really like it. It was cute and the girls had fun dressing up in their Cinderella dresses (although they didn't stay on for the whole play!) The girls liked it and were pretty good for the long play, including 2 intermissions! I was glad Gram went to help me with all 3 of them:) Here are a few pictures Tadd took right before we went...

I joked that Seth needed a crown or something:) He will have plenty of guy things like ballgames to go to with Tadd later but until he complains he's stuck with some girlie things for a while!

Little Cinderella trying to jump out of her carseat!!

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