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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday Shots

We like to take the girls pictures on Sundays in their cute, sometimes matching dresses! They rarely pose together very well but occasionally we can get one with both of them looking. They are really pretty sweet with each other and Ella is such a good, big sister who is very kind and patient with Sophie. Sophie is slowly learning, one day last week, Ella came almost in tears and told me that Sophie had pulled her hair. So when I went to find Sophie she had put herself in a timeout corner before I was even able to get to her, it was pretty funny! Here are some cute pictures from the last few Sundays.

Sophie trying to hide from the camera!

This is the real Sophie, hat on backwards chasing her sister around the house on her little airplane!


The Lane Family said...

Those are super cute! Ella looks really grown up in one of those!

Lora and Casey said...

Sweet Farmer girls!!! I love their little smiles! I hope you all are well and recovering from the snow. Miss you!