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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monument and Memories

My parents monument was set before Christmas and I finally made myself go see it this week. I think it looks good but I still don't see myself making many trips out there because I cannot handle them being there but choose to picture them in Heaven instead. (I like to think of them on a nice long beach Vacation just waiting on us to join them! Like in the picture Julie keeps in her Living Room of them together in Jamaica) In Sunday School this week our teacher talked about a meaningful life and about the dashes that are on monuments and how to fill them with purpose (major paraphrase)! There are not dashes (1951-2007) between the dates on my parents monument but below the dates it says "Parents of Elizabeth and Julie" I think that this is how they had a meaningful life was to pass on a legacy to us, their kids. (Even if their dashes were both WAY too short) This is important for me to remember especially when I am a stay at home Mom most days!

Julie and I came across 2 letters that Mom sent out with her last two Christmas cards this year. After reading the letters several times through tears I read these words from her last Christmas letter: Yes, 2006 has been filled with family love, God's blessings and a daily walk with our Lord. Many times just to persevere was my goal, but, just in the infamous poem "Footprints in the Sand" when I couldn't do it alone, Jesus would pick me up and we would go on. Matthew 11:28-30 "Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, for my burden is light. Take me upon you and I will give you peace." This is what I wish for you in and peace. All God's belssings, Steve and Sara

With many tears I read and type her words for in 2007, My Mom was finally given rest and peace, in Heaven! It wasn't the rest and peace that we prayed for but God knew that it was the rest and peace that she needed. After she went to Heaven a friend gave me a charm that had the scripture Matthew 11:28 on it. I still wear it daily. This year when reading Mom's words it has new meaning for me as I try to daily remember that in 2007 this was God's plan for her, rest and peace. Then just 6 months later, in 2008, God gave my Dad rest and peace in Heaven as well. I am glad I came across her words to remind me that she wished for rest and peace.

Memories: This week Julie and her family came over to fondue. This is a memory that we have from growing up and eating this with our parents. Our way to fondue (not healthy!) was to fry steak in the fondue pot and then roll it in garlic butter. This may have been because my Dad loved fried steak and my Mom loved butter!! So we all did this together and talked about our parents most of the night.

In the middle of dinner Sophie picked up a fork and started eating a stick of butter! Tadd swears that he used to see my Mom doing this and that is where she gets it. It provided a good laugh for us all! I still like to believe that our parents see these things and are able to see our children growing up! I miss them soooo much!

Brilee is now rolling all over the place! Isn't her sweet smile precious!


The Lane Family said...

Such a sweet and tender post. The monument is beautiful. I am sitting here laughing about the butter. Sophie Sue is undoubtably taking after Sara Sue! Love you.

Lora and Casey said... have such a strong and brave voice. Thank you for inspiring me to live life to the fullest and appreciate every little moment, even eating butter moments! I love you!

harris1013 said...

The monument is beautiful!