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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Concert

On Sunday night, we went to the Selah concert at our Church, it was really good. Talking with our preacher before the concert, we talked about how tough Christmas can be for some people. He stated that the Holidays can be the best of times and the worst of times for so many. He is so right, as Selah sang I found myself in tears through many of the songs. The opening and ending songs of the concert were two from my Mom's funeral (It is Well, and You Raise Me Up). She loved these songs so much and I can still hear her singing them beside me in Church. The songs insantly brought back good and bad memories for me. They are good to hear but still so tough. During this time of year it is so hard to be without your parents but it can also be a fun time of year with young children. The concert was another reminder of the the hope that I find in my faith in God and the hope that comes from knowing I will see my parents again someday. Todd, from Selah, has been through an unimaginable loss of a child and can still find his hope in God and the fact that he will hold his baby again someday. For me, this is what gets me through the tough times, that and the three blessings pictured below with me. I hope we are all able to remember the real reason that we celebrate CHRISTmas.

A "Party Pic" with Tadd from our Sunday School Christmas Progressive Dinner at our house.

A sweet picture with Ella from her 4 year old Christmas Preschool Party this morning.

Sweet, Sassy, Sophie Sue

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