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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cards

This year we did something new with our Christmas Cards. We (by We of course I mean Tadd) made a tree to hang them on out of tree branches. I found the idea in a magazine (At Home, I think) for a white tree to hang Christmas cards on. We found some tree branches and put them together and painted them white. Then Tadd put a concrete mold around the bottom to make it sturdy. (I think the magazine picture had dressy ornaments hanging from ribbons on them but we aren't that dressy and I thought that hanging cards on the tree would be more fun and practical.) Anyway some people at our Christmas party thought it was neat so I took some pictures of it, in case it doesn't make it next year. (Sophie already knocked it over a few times!) Last year our cards more than covered the front of our fridge and looked messy to me. I just used a hole punch and put a thin ribbon through the tops of all the cards as they came in. I even found some of our old family cards and put them on the tree. It was fun to see all of our old cards and how much Ella and Sophie have changed year to year. It's getting pretty big and full with lots of cards on it now, I love getting Christmas cards in the mail.

Here is our Christmas cards for this year. Tadd did a good job making them! The front:

The back of the card!


Jill said...

my cousin does this - and i think we are going to also - she keeps her cmas cards she gets, and every night at dinner, they get one out and pray for that family. it teaches her kids about intercessory prayer, and that family gets prayed for. i think she said they got to the last card in june! anyway - thought i'd share since you guys keep your cards also.

harris1013 said...

Tadd, you are hired to do our Christmas cards next year.