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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Princess Pumpkins

Here are some more pictures from Halloween activities. Ella made a Princess pumpkin (of course!) with Tadd. She loved it and was super sad when it collapsed after a week. The next pictures were from Sophie in her Trick or Treat costume-a pumpkin. She was so cute passing out candy to ALL the Trick or treaters and we passed out 8 bags of candy before turning out the lights. The girls were pretty generous with their handfuls and there were lots of kids to give candy to this year. We had a house full with Coach and Gram and Uncle Josh and Aunt Sarah all here for the excitement. (With all of the trick or treaters I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the whole group!)Coach and Gram took the girls out for a bit while I stayed back to pass out candy. Some of the things that Sophie said during the night were: Tick Teat (Trick or Treat), Canny (Candy), Tatu (Thank you). They said that she said these things at almost every house they went to, so cute!

Pumpkin poses!

Hard at work on that Pumpkin-it was easier than carving a Princess Pumpkin!

Precious Pumpkin!!

She LOVED all the candy!