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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Six Flags Summer

Earlier this Summer in August, Ella and I took a quick trip down to Dallas to go to Six Flags with some friends. Ella, Rachel, Finley and I took a road trip to meet the Whites in Dallas and go to Six Flags one hot August Monday. It was so much fun and Ella was quite the little dare devil riding every single ride she was tall enough for. She was just over the height requirement to be able to ride some of the big ones. Despite the extreme heat and sweat, it was great. The lines were great and we were able to ride many of the kid rides and lots of roller coasters. I didn't take my camera in but just had some of these pictures emailed to me by a friend. We will definately have to make this a yearly trip and Tadd wants to go next year! (I also can't wait to get back down to IKEA!!)

Ella being silly!

The whole kid crew! Cooper, Caroline, Finley, Lauren, and Ella - They were soaked from a water ride. I think Ella rode that one 4 times in a row!

The brave Moms-Rachel, Me and Gina! We were so hot and sweaty, even on the ride home from 9pm-2am. (We also decided to go on the trip in Sunday School and left the neighborhood 2 hours later- impulsively fun and spontaneous, but crazy!!)

Silly Girls!!

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