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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Messy Monkey

Well, Miss Sophie Sue has turned into quite the Messy little Monkey lately. Earlier this week after breakfast I found that she had climbed up on top of the table and dumped an entire box of Yogurt Cheerios in to a bowl and on to the table and floor. I looked in there and she said, "Uh-Oh!" Then earlier today she was eating spaghetti and a chocolate cupcake for dessert. It was everywhere and she put her dirty hands all in her hair of course!! I had to get some pictures and lately when I get out the camera she says, "Cheeeese!" It is pretty cute. I am kind of embarassed at how messy I let her get but she had a bath right afterwards. She is into everything and last week she found an old vanilla wafer on the garage floor and picked it up and took a big bite and said, "cookie" I told her that was yucky and to put it down so she put it right back where she found it. She is also giving Ella the biggest hugs lately, it is precious!


jill l said...

what a cutie!!! don't feel embarrassed...i have pics on facebook of jack and his spaghetti eating self :)

harris1013 said...

what a cutie!!!