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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Park and Preschool

This week has been so nice outside that we have been to the park or playing outside everyday!! Today was also Ella's last day of Preschool and they had their last little party at the park today. I can't believe my baby is finished with 3 year old Preschool and will be 4 soon. Here are some pictures from the week including one that made the front page of the paper. They took Ella's picture while we were playing at the park with some friends on Monday and it was on the front page of the paper the next day. At church last night lots of people asked her about it and after a while she just looked at us and said "Why do they all know about me in the paper?" (So funny, she just didn't quite understand how everyone else saw her picture too.)

I went into Ella's room today after rocking Sophie to sleep and she had lined up all of her Barbie dolls and paired them with the matching little princess dolls. She will do anything to avoid rest time!

This is a picture of some of Ella's preschool class saying their prayer before their ice cream snack at the park today. It was too cute!

I was getting Sophie ready for MDO today and had Ella putting on her Preschool shirt. When I checked in on her I noticed that she had decided to accesorize today with some dress up earrings. She is ALL GIRL! I snapped a picture of her on the way to Preschool.

Sophie swinging at the park on Monday.

Ella with her good friends Presley and Brooks climbing the big rock at the park.

Sophie hanging out in the Kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

The girls are so cute!