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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

My Mother My Friend

My mother is my best friend and mentor in life. In moving away from home, I have realized how close we are and how much she really means to me. It has been hard to be apart from someone who has been such an important part of my life for so long.

In a way I have been spoiled by my mother. She has always done everything for me, from my laundry to making my lunch for school. She has been so involved in my life as a parent and as a friend. She has cared about every apect of my life from day one.

My mother gave me guidance and values to live my life. She raised me to ba a caring, objective individual. She allowed me to make my own decisions and my own mistakes in my life. She has supported me in everything I wanted to do, and I have always wanted to do and be everything.

My mother has been through many struggles in her life, yet never let us feel them. My sister and I never felt any less loved or any less fortunate while living with a single parent. She has always been there in every way possible for us. She has surrounded us with more love than anyone could ever need.

My mother is a very secial person in my life and always will be. She has given me the ability to grow into the person I am today. I will be a success in life because of her.

When you lose someone you always think back to the last Holiday or special day you had with them. Our last Mothers Day with my Mom was only 2 years ago but for a while I couldn't remember what we had done together. I finally remembered that Gabby and Ginger came down to be with us because Mom was too sick to travel. I also remembered that I had typed and framed this poem I had written for her during my freshman year in College. I framed the poem as part of her Mothers Day gift to go in her new house she bought just 5 houses down the street from us. It never made it to her house but was instead read at her funeral 3 months later. I am so glad that I found the poem and had given it to her to remind her of how important she was to me even as a young freshman in College. I will probably hang this up in my house after searching for it today to remind me of our last Mothers Day together. She has a new and perfect house now, only not 5 doors down. We will spend many more happy days together and I cannot wait for that day. I miss her more and more everyday and I have a feeling that will never ever change.
I am also blessed to be a Mother to 2 little girls that I want to feel that same way about me someday so I continue to move forward and breathe even if I don't want to at times. Sometimes I ramble, but I want my girls to remember her and what an important person that she was to me. I hope everyone was able to tell their Mom's how important they are and how glad they are to have them in their lives today!!

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