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Friday, January 16, 2009

Dress-up Divas

To say that Ella likes to dress up would be a major understatement! She dresses up on a daily basis. For Christmas her Aunt Sarah and Gram got her an entire box full of dress up clothes complete with all of the accessories and even make-up. Her face full of excitement when she opened the box was priceless. A funny story from this year is when Ella was throwing a fit to wear a "Princess dress-that goes down to the floor" to Preschool one day. After a lot of convincing I talked her into a dress with leggings, she was still not convinced, so I called Tadd to have him tell her that, she was still a "Pretty Princess" even if she didn't wear a long dress to the floor to Preschool. He told me later that night that there were about 4 other guys standing at his desk laughing as he was having to explain this to Ella on the phone. Oh, what parents do for their kids! Anyway, here are only some of the cute pictures of Ella dressing up. I'll try to update more soon!

Ella even tries to dress up Sophie, she looks scared with those big blue eyes!

Even Tadd occassionally joins in on the dress-up fun!

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