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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seth-16 months

Seth is now 16 months old. (well almost 17 now but I took these pics a while back and I'm just getting to the post) He is a busy, sweet boy who is becoming more like a little boy and not a baby anymore:( They grow up way too fast!

*He is walking everywhere now and loves to climb and stand up in his seats!
*Not sure of his weight/length now, wears a size 4 diaper just now and 18 months or 24 month clothes.
*He's talking more and says Daddy, Mommy, Ella, Bye Bye, bite, milk, and probably a few more...

*He has a sweet personality and loves to laugh a lot.
*He is a bit of a Mommy's boy and doesn't like me to hold other babies much and sometimes not even his sisters. Although he doesn't want me to rock him to sleep as much which makes me a little sad.

*He loves to be outside or throwing a ball and wrestling with his Daddy at night.
*He will take a ball or anything else he likes to throw and say "Thow"
*He likes when we go for walks or swinging on our swing set or at the park. He hasn't been swimming yet but he should enjoy that too bc he loves his baths.

*He is still a great eater and loves just about anything you give him.
*He has 3-4 sippy cups of whole milk each day and a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks anytime. Favorites are bananas, cheese, strawberries, yogurt, chicken nuggets, anything with a straw...
*He has atleast 10 teeth (including 2 top molars)

*When he's tired he holds his ears and rubs them.
*When his sisters take something away he screams until they give it back.
*He doesn't like to be told no. (which may be good later)

*He is a great sleeper and sleeps all night in his bed (usually 12 hours)
*He usually gets one good afternoon nap a day.

We all love him so much and feel very blessed to have him in our family.

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