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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sophie's Movie-Star Birthday

Sophie had a Movie Birthday Party for her 4th Birthday! We have a little movie screen upstairs and the kids all watched the movie Smurfs. They all did good and seemed to have a pretty good time! She had a fun little party on a beautiful day.

Sophie putting her hand print in one of the Birthday cakes that Gram made!

The cake was as good as it looked.

We had some little movie snacks with popcorn, whoppers, and twizzlers. And even more sweets:)

The fun little snack table.

The Popcorn cake that Gram made too.

She also made her good sugar cookies-little movie tickets and stars to go along with the party theme!

Sophie wanted to have some little glow-in the dark bracelets to give her friends for the movie-she's so funny!

Sweet little smile!

Candle time-she sang Happy Birthday to herself the whole way to Preschool on her Birthday then really loud over all her friends that sang to her at her party (and yet she acts so shy while at Preschool-silly girl).

Cake time-I ate lots of cake and cookies for a week-yum!!

Opening her presents. I tried to take some pictures of the whole group watching the movie with their snacks but they were too dark.

Sophie had a fun party and a fun week of celebrating!

I have to try and remember a few of the things that she is up too. During her Birthday/Party week she had a few melt downs with all of the excitement and lack of naps. During one of the melt downs she said, "I don't want to be 4, I want to be 1!!" (I told her that was how she was acting-ha!)
We spent her Birthday afternoon with a picnic lunch and some fun time at the Park-it's been so nice outside lately and we are loving the weather.
On the day of her party she was a little upset and cried bc she couldn't go swimming for her Birthday Party!
She is so sweet, sassy, and silly!!

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