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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Father-Daughter Banquet 2012

Ella enjoyed her first Father-Daughter Banquet or Date Night at Church on Monday with her Daddy! They were all dressed up and had their pictures made, good food and entertainment at Church. I think that they had a great time together!

Rachel and I were able to help with pictures. (She took and edited them while I just helped a little.) It was fun to see all of the Dads with their daughters all dressed up and excited to be out with them! I hope I can help out every year so I can watch.

Our sweet girl is getting so big and grown up!

She loves her Daddy!! He is such a good Dad and helps Coach her Basketball and Softball teams. She loves spending time with him whether it's fun nights like this or trips to Burger King or watching a movie together.

I hope they enjoy these times together! In a few years Sophie will get to join them. They do this from Kindergarten-12th grade. (They missed it last year bc Tadd was in Germany for work but were happy to go together this year!)

For part of the entertainment the Dads and Daughters played a game where they each wrote down answers to questions to see how many matched up right. I took a picture so I could remember their sweet answers and how well they did:) It was pretty cute.

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