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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seth-14 months

Seth turned 14 months old last week on the 18th, when I took these pictures. I'm going to try and take pictures of him every 2 months now and do updates on what all he is doing so that I can remember how much he is growing and changing!

*He loves to smile with his whole face as you can see by the picture above.
*He is wearing size 3 diapers and some 12 month or mostly 18 month clothes
*He is standing some all by himself and walks around holding onto things but not alone-yet!

*He drinks whole milk out of a sippy cup 3-4 times a day and usually eats 3 solid meals a day too. He loves just about any foods you give him and eats well! His favorites are probably bananas and bagels and he still gets one baby food with cereal at night that he loves.
*He has 4 teeth and at least 2 more coming in right now. He is getting a teethy grin:)

*He still sleeps all night in his bed and naps twice a day. He likes to be rocked to sleep-usually by me:)
*He is also a big climber and gets up on all kinds of things somehow. He will not stay seated when he eats and usually escapes a buckle, especially at a restaurant. We had to take his seat off of our kitchen counter because we were afraid he would fall!

*He says Daaaa almost all day long and a few other words that sound like Bye, Ella, and a few times Momma.
*He waves bye and loves to give high fives, especially to his Daddy.
*He loves to play with any ball and loves to be outside when it isn't too cold.
*He loves all of his riding toys and loves to ride them all over the house and gets on them and off of them alone. He also gets up and down our stairs really well!
*He loves his pacifier and usually has one strapped to his shirt or in his mouth. It's a good thing too bc he likes to scream just like his sisters did, especially when he wants something or they take something away from him. It's tough to eat out right now with him, but we still manage to do it some!

*He is a pretty laid back, sweet baby who loves to play, especially with his sisters. They really love him too! He's growing up too fast and I am enjoying each day!

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