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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seth Swimming

Seth didn't "swim" any at the Beach this year because the pools were a little cold for him and really the weather was so nice he never was hot enough to need to get in. Well that's not the case anymore with our Hot and Humid Arkansas weather we are having already. It's been pretty hot when the girls have wanted to go swimming so Seth has needed to get in the pools to cool off. He likes the water but he does not like the heat. Here are a few of the pics I have taken of him and his first little swims!!

His sleeveless "muscle shirt" It says "Muscles Courtesy of Dad" (I know several friends that will get a laugh from this one-ha)

Playing Beach Ball with Daddy

Our favorite spot at Longhills

Such a cutie!


The Hudspeth's said...

so cute, love the muscle shirt! Are those new chairs I see at longhills?! I am in shock!! ha!

harris1013 said...

What a little dumplin!!!