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Saturday, January 8, 2011


These are just a few of the things that we have been up to lately...
Seth is six weeks old and now smiling and starting to make cute little faces.

He now weighs a big 11.10 lbs., so he is growing and eating well!

We had to start him on some reflux meds this week for his little tummy.

We have been playing lots of Wii.

Wearing cute hats and hanging out by the fire

Silly sisters have been playing together a lot

Sophie, Seth and I went to the Library this week with some friends for story time where she made this cute little polar bear craft. She wanted to pose with it, several times. The Library time was fun and we will have to go back. My Mom is smiling down on us, as the teacher in her has probably wanted me to take the kids to the library for a while now!! (She loved reading and used to take my sisters girls to story time when she could.)

Sophie and I having lots of sweet time together with Seth, now that the Holidays are over and Daddy is back at work and Ella is back to school.

Ella and I trying out some of her new Christmas presents, her Easy Bake Cake Maker. Lets just say I didn't find it so easy with all the fondant icing, etc.

We had fun together trying to make the tiny little bite size cakes look pretty though! She is getting to be such a big, smart girl!!

We did lots of things around the house while Tadd was off! Seth's shelves are finished and decorated in his room.

We watched LOTS of late night movies waiting on Seth's last late night feeding! We also cleaned and organized lots of things after Christmas. (We had like 7 trash bags full of old toys and things from upstairs and everywhere else, have to make room for the new Christmas things to be put up.)

We also painted a wall in our bedroom blue. I spend so much time in there feeding Seth I wanted to brighten it up a little and add some color.

So here is a recap of our past few weeks, mostly for me, so I can remember how we spent this busy time and the end of our Holiday break.

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