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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Boy!!

We were blessed with the arrival of our sweet baby boy, Seth Benjamin Farmer, on Thursday, November 18, 2010. He was born at 1:54pm, weighing 8 pounds, and was 21.25 inches long. He was perfect and is doing great! We are home now and loving our precious son and our little family of five! Here are lots of pictures of our past few days.

We checked in at the hospital at 6am and I had Tadd take a few last belly shots. I felt huge but still can't believe I had an 8 pound baby in there-Ha! The girls were a lot smaller.

My Dr. broke my water at 10:30 and I had an epidural about an hour later. It wasn't pain-free but not too bad and my epidural worked this time:)!!

He was worth every minute of nausea and labor!! My Labor nurse had a daughter who had Mom as a teacher and just loved her. I think this was God sending me a sign to help me through and remember that my Mom is always with me!

Very healthy-we feel so blessed!!

We were so proud!

My great Dr-she has delivered all 3 of my babies!!

He stayed in the room with us the whole time, we watched his first bath in our room, it was great! We were able to change him in our room like 3 times! I can still play dress up with a boy!

I love his sweet little face!

Aunt Julie brought the girls to see us and their new baby brother! They did great with him and already love him so much!

Sophie is so funny saying, "Him have a nose, him have an ear and a chin..." I'm not sure what she expected:) Another funny experience are the biology lessons such as where he gets his milk, his umbilical chord, the whole diaper changing lesson with different parts... and her asking me if I had another baby in my tummy...

Our Family of Five!! Wow!

We have 3 kids...I think it's sinking in:)

Sophie is being so helpful and sweet and so is Ella.

Aunt Julie holding her nephew, 1st boy out of the 6 kids between us. Poor little guy, he will have on make up and dress up clothes before he is one, I'm sure.

Sweet poses

Loaded up to go home! We were home by Friday afternoon and so glad to be here and sleep in our bed:)

We are hanging out at home and he is wearing his Razorback gear and watching his first day of football-Tadd is in Heaven and so am I!!


Mary Lynn said...

He is just precious, Elizabeth! You and Tadd have a beautiful excited for you!

Rena and Mike said...

He is adorable! I am sure he won't be a bit spoiled with all the little mommies he has! Congratulations!

Debbie said...

Congrats to the Farmer family. This is just such a precious time....and a beautiful family.

Laurie Cox said...

Anna Kate & I love the pictures of baby Seth! We can't wait to meet him! So happy for you & Tadd!

harris1013 said...

I got chills when I heard that your nurse's daughter had your Mom in school. God is good! Scott has the stomach bug. I will try to come by next week. Love you guys & so happy for you all!!!

Debbie Green said...

Congratulations to the Farmer Family of Five! I'm sure that Seth will enjoy all the attention he gets from his big sisters. Looking forward to meeting the lil Farmer boy!

Erin said...

So excited to hear the news that Seth has arrived!! Congratulations and I hope that I'll get to meet him soon. He is just precious.