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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

I think I started this blog with Easter pictures last year and by looking at the picture of our family a year ago the girls have really changed a lot. One thing hasn't changed and that is the reason that we celebrate this day. HE IS RISEN and that is why we can have hope in life and death. Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!!

We took probably 50 pictures today. It's hard to get us all looking. The girls are busy! Here are the best ones out of the bunch.

Do I hear the Easter Bunny in there? We had to hunt eggs inside with ALL the rain!

Sophie can open the eggs by herself and loves to eat!! We ended the day full of candy and ready for naps!!

1 comment:

Lindsay and Robert said...

Precious photos! The family pic is great - I know how hard that is to accomplish. Happy Easter!