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Monday, September 15, 2008

I scream for Ice cream

I'm picking up Julie's girls some this week from school, so today I had to take them out for some Ice Cream on our way home. We picked out these cute clown cones that were fun and messy. It's still so hard to go to the school where Mom is supposed to be teaching and watching over all our girls, so I thought Ice cream would be a good distraction. They loved it! Gabby used to send Mom Baskin Robbins money every month for her to take us out for Ice cream, the funny thing is we never even told her about the several years that Benton didn't have a Baskin Robbins-ha! (and she just kept sending money) We had to call Gabby today.
They just love playing together, I'm glad I get to pick them up this week and let the girls play together.
Sophie wanted some too!! Julie and Mom used to give Ella Ice Cream when she was a baby, but I haven't given in-yet!
They are just too cute together!


karlyn, troy, & bryson said...

They are soo adorable! What a great tradition! :) I cannot get over how much Julie's girls are spitting images of her! Ella is just plain beautiful...Sophie will get her ice cream soon enough! Have fun this week with all the little ladies and enjoy the weather!

Lindsay and Robert said...

The three of them are so precious together. How fun to have cousins so close!

harris1013 said...