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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tough Times

This is a tough week for us all, we are trying to stay busy and Julie and I took all the girls up to Pocahontas for a few days. They are not able to come down here because of some of their health issues but we all enjoy being together and talking a lot about Mom. Julie's girls talk about her all the time which makes me sad and happy at the same time. I wish my girls were able to know her that well! I'm back to not sleeping as you can tell by the late night post-ha! Please pray for us during this week-Thanks! Here are some pics of us swimming with the girls during the visit.
Aunt Ginger trying to get Sophie's feet wet!
Ella and Christian eating the popsicles by the pool.

Taylor had one too!

Gabby watching the girls swim from the shade.


Anonymous said...

Think about you all the time :)

The Kindys said...

hey elizabeth, i was talking to patti chester today about ella's pacifier holder that you got from belly to baby or somewhere like that and she was wanting my mom to order some for the store, we were wondering if you would tell us what brand they were so they can look into getting some of them! thanks!