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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet Sophie Sue

Sophie seems to be getting big fast. This means new toys, new food, and new tricks. She is loving her excersaucer although only for short times. She is getting some cereal from a spoon as of last night so that her Mommy can try to get some sleep! She weighed over 14and 1/2 pounds at her 4month checkup earlier this month. She has even rolled over a few times.

She loves to just sit back and play with all the toys on this thing!

Her first foods with a spoon kind of messy and cute.

Hanging out in the back yard with her buddy Pax.

Laying in bed with her sister watching The Little Mermaid.
Ella told me "Mommy you can go in there now."
I guess she thinks she's big enough to watch Sophie on her own now-yeah right!
So I hurried to get the camera to catch these cute faces.


rachel said...

TOTAL SWEETHEARTS!! ella is sooo funny...such a little lady--her personality cracks me up. : ) see y'all tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

O my goodness! So Cute!

Lindsay and Robert said...

Oh, what sweet faces! Looks like Ella loves the role of big sis.

karlyn, troy, & bryson said...

They are adorable! (I CANNOT believe how much your sisters girls look like she did when we were all little)!!

Thanks for the comment. If you'd believe it..I actually have you a card that I bought after your dad passed away, including writing inside expressing my sense of sympathy and understanding after losing both parents. I never mailed it, and I'm not quite sure why, really. I wasn't sure of your situation and the appropriateness, I suppose. I'm glad that you contacted me though! Email me sometime if you want to! XO! Karlyn

harris1013 said...

Could she look anymore like you? That first picture was a carbon copy! I need to get over and see that sweet baby girl!

rachel said...

5 months old today...Happy Birthday Sophie! : )

The Haywoods said...

I can't believe how cute your girls are! I am anxious to hear about the Branson trip!